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Try our Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Kit


Easy, Fun, Rewarding

Check Your Mail

Order online and get your Presently Baking kit delivered right to your doorstep. Gather your butter, eggs and vanilla extract and you have exactly what you need to bake between 3-4 dozen super scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, made from scratch with premium baking ingredients.

Bake Delicious Cookies

Whether you're baking alone or with a group, we've made it easy so you don't have to spend extra time measuring your dry ingredients. Follow our special instructions to replicate the perfect Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate cookies and within an hour, you'll have over 40 cookies to eat and share!

Create Gift Packages to Share

It's a challenging time we're living in and no one is going to turn down a happy surprise. Be the person to pay it forward by gifting some of those amazing homemade cookies you just made to anyone who needs a smile. People will love receiving a present from you and will remember it for a long time.

Bake, Gift, Repeat

We make it simple for you to bake and share with pre-measured ingredients and gift packaging supplies in every box.

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