About Us

About Presently Baking

Presently Baking was formed as an idea to help make the world a more positive place through gifting delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

It’s an interesting time we’re living in these days and with all the ups and downs of our “new normal” life, we wanted to find a way to give back and make other people happy.

And what better way than to bake delicious chocolate chip cookies?

So we began baking cookies, using our tried and true recipe and method that’s been perfected over many, many years of baking them for holiday gatherings. 

Everyone loved receiving a surprise gift of homemade cookies packaged in bakery gift wrap that they could enjoy. It’s the perfect present that is both thoughtful and memorable for friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and anyone else who could use a happy surprise in their life. 

So we put our creative hats on and formulated the perfect product where we could include everything needed in one box in order to bake delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies along with gift packaging supplies for up to 5 different people. 

Thus Presently Baking was born and we now make it super simple for YOU to bake delicious cookies that you can then gift to people you care about. 

We’d love it if you would share our site with anyone you think would enjoy a Presently Baking Kit!